Welcome to the BIBACC website. We are an interdisciplinary network which draws upon diverse disciplines and fields of inquiry where there is meeting of relevant scientific, scholarly and artistic expertise.

BIBACC supports interdisciplinary researchers and practitioners whose projects are intended to break new ground in substantive areas of creativities research and inquiry on issues that have been either largely unexplored or develop innovative practices that can contribute more generally to education and industry research.

BIBACC Conferences focus on conceptual, empirical and methodological issues important to understanding the state of interdisciplinary creativities and knowledges and charting directions for future research.

BIBACC 2018 invites proposals and sponsors interested in building interdisciplinary bridges across cultures & Creativities.


CALL FOR E-BOOK CHAPTER CONTRIBUTIONS FROM BIBAC 2016 lead presenters of papers or workshops who attended the 2016 conference. DEADLINE for receipt of submitted chapters for review: 15 JANUARY 2017 DOWNLOAD DETAILS OF CALL AND SUBMISSION GUIDANCE HERE.


Call for Full Papers                             : 9 November 2016

Chapter submission for review           : 15 January 2017

Review outcomes/ decision                 : 1 March 2017

Final revised submission                     : 1 April 2017

BIBACC Conferences, view some photos from the days
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BIBACC Projects
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