BIBACC 2018 Call For Submissions

Launched in 2014, the international BIBACC biennial conference is one of the most dynamic and expanding interdisciplinary conferences to emerge over the last decade. We are delighted to announce the themes for BIBACC 2018 which are as follows:

1. Bridging Disciplines | From STEM to STEAM

Here we invite papers that examine the rise of STEM and the emergence of STEAM. We are particularly interested in advancing ideas about the ways in which we are organizing knowledge into new disciplines and how we are now reorganizing and reconfiguring new practices, programmes, career and employment pathways. 

How does this open us up to different ways of knowing, being and doing? We invite papers which share lessons learned from the disruptions, risk-taking, complexities, challenges, rewards, failures and successes of research which move beyond the predictable, expected and routine ways of engaging as a means to the end of knowledge construction,  and explorations of the ways for people to understandingly inter-act/intra-act with/in/on  transdisciplinary, interdisciplinary or multidisciplinary spaces/projects/people. Consideration of the complex role of the arts in STEAM is vital in developing this strand.

2. Authoring New Technologies | Creativities and Innovations

Here we invite presentations that feature the use of new technology to draw people into new forms of authorship that expand and innovate practices in ways that offer a needed vision of creative sustainable futures.

We also invite papers that address creative work practices of unlearning, new learning, relearning, and the convergences and interaction of new materialities and mobilities that are breaking new ground in the development and meeting place of arts and science. This strand is about drawing people into the kind of dialogues which take them beyond themselves and what it might mean to live the personal-as-political-as-performative in our work in the contemporary climate. What are the unspoken boundaries? How does the authoring of new technologies inspire and enter multiple and diverse creativities?

3. Transcending Sounds Sights and Senses in the Post-Human Era

Here we invite composers, performers, practitioners, musicians, dancers, poets and artists of all forms engaged in practice-led and practice-based research to showcase their ideas, creations and thought-processes that transcend borders, boundaries and disciplines.

We welcome discourse and discussions on issues of translation, transformation and public engagement, as well as a sharing of research and practice in ‘Post-Human’ thinking and concepts of multiple identities.  We seek models of translational research, trends, new meanings and performative practices in the creative arts through the transmogrification of sound, sights and senses.

Submission Categories

Spoken Papers (15 minutes for shifting our thinking to focus on key aspects of your argument, evidence, theory, practice or methodology which raises questions arising in the concluding 5 minutes for Q+A)

Symposium (60 minutes panel involving 3 or 4 speakers – who bring diverse perspectives and build interdisciplinary bridges across cultures, domains, theories or practices – with significant time planned for inclusion of a named/invited respondent plus audience Q+A)

Workshops (60 minutes for introducing the theory and research behind the practice as well as interactively introducing the practice including how might we allow materials to cross boundaries, build bridges and enter new ‘public’ zones)

Important Dates

Abstract Submission : Open from 08 DECEMBER 2017
Deadline: 28 FEBRUARY 2018
Notification of Acceptance: 15 MARCH 2018


The abstract (300- word limit) should express clear aims, methodology, outcomes and significance. 3-5 keywords are expected with the author/s name/s, affiliation/s and contact details of the first author.

Please download and complete the ABSTRACT SUBMISSION FORM and email the document to The same form is to be used for Spoken Papers, Symposium and Workshop submissions.