The initiative for a book on Transformative Doctoral Research Practices for Professionals

The initiative for a book on Transformative Doctoral Research Practices for Professionals, encompassing a variety of different viewpoints, from students to lecturers, supervisors and course managers, arises from a need for critical insight into the doing, supporting, teaching and learning of doctoral research. The purpose of this edited volume is, primarily, to explore the distinct research practices and unique journeying of professional practitioner-researchers and their supervisors and lecturers who stand at the centre of doctoral education. While the topics feature critical issues that characterize professional doctorates, the ways in which these scholars have chosen to address their journeying illustrate the diversity of voices in practice, with project examples from within and beyond educational settings.This volume offers the first institutional-specific collection in the form of a collaboratively authored volume, with the purpose and goal of sharing the lived-through debates, deliberations, challenges and experiences of a group of professional doctoral students, their supervisors and lecturers. The book is divided into three main parts: Part 1 ‘Mapping doctoral practices’, Part 2 ‘Theorising doctoral journeying’, and Part 3 ‘Generating impact’. The flyer below provides information about where you can purchase a copy. The photos feature the co-editors, Professor Pamela Burnard, Dr. Tatjana Dragovic, Julia Flutter and Dr. Julie Alderton. Contributing authors include Riikka Hoffman, Karen Ottewell, Wai Mun Lim, Simon Dowling, Gavin Turner, James Knowles, Denise Whalley, and Rebecca Kitchen.


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Realizing intercultural capital through intercultural education: prospects and limitations


Nowhere does the need to appreciate a diverse range of different intercultural experiences appear more obvious than in the context of intercultural education. Yet, in times of neoliberal hegemony over educational politics and policies, less socioculturally dominant and often more colloquial funds of intercultural knowledge risk to suffer continued institutional marginalization and curricular obliteration. To counter such forms of symbolic violence and to create learning environments that value a wide range of processes of intercultural capital realization, intercultural education needs to overcome ideas of “bad habitus” and “good reflexivity”, for they prematurely discredit the value of people’s practical sense, while failing to problematize the sociocultural contingency of their reflexive capacities. In a critical appropriation of Bourdieu’s conceptualization of human agency, the present article highlights the reconcilability of reflexivity and habitus, with a particular interest in processes of intercultural capital realization and the (unfulfilled) potential of intercultural education.


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Gender and Music Composition: A Study of Music, and the Gendering of Meanings


In this study claims that music communicates gendered meanings are considered, and relevant literature is reviewed. We first discuss the nature of meaning in music, and how it is constructed and construed. Examples of statements of gendering in the literature are cited, and the problems identified by writers who have questioned their validity are considered. We examine the concepts underlying terminology that has been used in inconsistent and contradictory ways. Three hypotheses are posed, and tested by means of two listening tasks. Results are presented that indicate that gendering is not inherent in musical structures, but is contributed to the perceptual event by the listener.

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Book2look-The Routledge International Handbook of Intercultural Arts Research

Book2look – The Routledge International Handbook of Intercultural Arts Research.
By: Pamela Burnard,Elizabeth Mackinlay Elizabeth Mackinlay,Kimberly Powell Kimberly Powell.
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