We are an interdisciplinary network which draws upon diverse disciplines and fields of inquiry where there is meeting of relevant scientific, scholarly and artistic expertise.

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BIBACC supports interdisciplinary researchers and practitioners whose projects are intended to break new ground in substantive areas of creativities research and inquiry on issues that have been either largely unexplored or develop innovative practices that can contribute more generally to education and industry research.

Interwoven illustration

Interwoven by artist D.Scherer

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08 October 2019

Book launch | Why Science and Art Creativities Matter

This book does much more than merely reporting on and developing new arguments about how STEAM is conceived, the assumptions about individuation of disciplines vis a’ vis transdisciplinary theory. Drawing upon posthumanism, new materialism and enactivism, this collection of chapters aims to dwell further into the ways in which we come to know in relationship with the world. It seeks to engage a wide set of approaches and points views to stimulate dialogue and awareness of the different ways in which we can extend the repertoire of human faculties for thinking and experiencing the world. A unique invitation is shared with readers to develop greater understanding of the contribution of education across the arts and sciences and to re-imagine our collective futures.

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